Finding The Right Builder

Jul 06 2014

This post is obviously about choosing a quality home builders. More importantly though, it’s about having your priorities straight and being organized in your search.

Ideally you already know that you will be building a home. If you’re not sure yet then you can’t expect any builder to take you seriously or invest any time in helping you make your hypothetical decisions. If you know that you will be building then you should start organizing your priorities. For many people this included location, style, how many floors, whether to buy your own lot, and budget (obviously).

Once you have a general idea, specifics usually come over the course of the process, you should start researching builders in your area. Specifically you should look for the type of home builder that builds custom homes. These are the guys that will be able to give you more accurate pricing and have the experience building true custom houses.

Start with a google search for builders in your area. If you are in Texas (like a lot of our readers) this link is to the best Texas custom home builders that I have spoken with.  A lot of these guys are only willing to travel short distances to build. Which makes sense considering the amount of organization and time involved in a build. Once you have a list of builders, hit the phones. You need to speak with all of them in person in detail about your plans.

Check out their history. Ask if you can call past clients and look them up in the BBB (not my favorite, I’m not a fan of paying for good reviews).

Also, the low bidder may not be your best option. These guys could be super high quality builders or they could be low balling you to get you as a client and then pop “surprise” expenses on you as the build progresses.

Even worse is a low bid because they use low quality materials and less skilled labor.

Be smart guys. You usually get what you pay for, especially if you go in educated and focused. Which is why I always work with guys like these custom home builders in Austin Tx.


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Da Freshest blog on custom homes

Jun 27 2014

Welcome to my blog! I will be spending a great deal of time researching and writing about custom homes and the construction companies that build them. I will also be posting beautiful photos of luxury homes that I run across online and offline.

Thank you for visiting. I promise to have some new content up soon. Until then, pleas send me any ideas that you would like to read about or any pictures videos or articles that you run across that would add value to this new blog.

You guys rock!

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